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Bespoke Garden Rooms

A Garden Room provides cost-effective living space. A lower cost option to building an extension, a garden room is the perfect solution if you need more space but either don't have room to extend the home, or the budget to have a brick extension.

Garden Rooms are very versatile and we will build a bespoke Garden Room to suit your requirements. Whether you are looking to create space for an office, den, gym or music studio, garden rooms really are an ideal solution.

Unlike a conservatory, it has a solid roof that could be made from a variety of materials such as slate, tile, mineral felt or lead depending its size and shape. Recently, metal sheets or plastic skins such as aluminium or vinyl have been used on flatter roofs.

Compared to a traditional brick-built extension to your property, a garden room has a simpler construction and consequently is far less expensive.

Garden Rooms up to 30 square metres are exempt from Building Regulations unless they are being used to sleep in.

Custom built by a skilled local craftsman

At HGS Home and Garden, our garden rooms are custom build to suit your lifestyle and home. We cater to your tastes and the size and shape of the space available.