Both multi-fuel and woodburning stoves are popular choices. A survey of stove owners by consumer association, Which, revealed:

  • 59% have a wood-burning stove
  • 41% have a multi-fuel stove

If you’re planning to buy a stove, it helps to understand the difference between the two appliances so you can make the right choice.

Are you fed up with cold weather and grey skies? It’s not the most exciting time of the year, and many of us are feeling the winter blues.

No wonder we’re all gazing at holiday brochures and wondering if we can afford to get away from it all. But there’s a way you can bring relaxation and warmth into your own home on a permanent basis.

Why not have a hot tub installed in your home or garden? It can be used all year round to bring some luxurious pampering into your life.

Nothing beats the warmth and light of a real fire when it’s cold and dark. However, always follow safety guidelines whenever you introduce any type of fuel burner into your home.

If you’re about to light up your wood burner stove for the first time this winter, make sure that you remind yourself of the instructions that apply to your particular model of stove.

Here are a few general guidelines to help you get started.

If you’d love some extra space but can’t afford an extension, then a garden room could be the answer.