For some, thinking about their garden can be stressful – conjuring up images of weeding, mowing the lawn and raking up leaves. Essentially, just one chore after another.

But for others, their garden conjures up images of soaking in a hot tub, sipping wine by the fire pit or listening to the gentle trickle of the water feature as they relax in a swing seat.

Let’s look at a few ways you can change the image of your garden and turn it into a haven for you.


Restorative hot tubs

Bring the health and relaxation benefits of a hot tub to your garden. With a permanent hot tub, you can enjoy the restorative properties of hot water hydrotherapy all-year-round.

A hot tub is the ultimate accessory when it comes to making your garden a stress-free zone. All you need is a solid, level surface and adequate clearance all around. Just choose the right location (a sunny spot if possible) with enough access for maintenance and entry, plus allow for water splashing over the tub’s edge.

Or you may prefer to position your hot tub under the cover of a shelter or gazebo – the choice is yours.

Fun tree and play houses

You can also make your garden a fun place for your children with a tree or play house. These houses will encourage your young ones to play outdoors but in a safe environment.

Houses can be built to suit your garden and can be as large or small as you like, and the fun themes are endless from exciting tree houses to pirate ships, dolls house and castles with towers.

In fact, a play house doesn’t have to be just for kids. Grownups can hide away in a secret garden den with a glass of wine and escape from the world.

Relaxing swing seats 

swing seat stree free gardenFor gentle relaxation, how about gently rocking to and fro in a beautifully designed swing seat?

Swing seats can be built to fit any corner of the garden and offer a charming way to unwind in style. An overhead water-resistant canopy can be attached to shade you from the sun and shelter you from the rain.

Ideal for lounging outdoors and letting your worries drift away – a swing seat made of the finest timber is a perfect addition to your garden and can be positioned on your porch, patio or lawn.

Warming fire pits

And when the sun goes down, you don’t have to shiver in the dark. One of the most popular garden features today is the fire pit.

A simply designed metal bowl can act as a fire pit and is ideal for small courtyard or patio areas. Alternatively, if you have more space, a brick built ground fire pit will provide heat and light and give you a centre point to gather around on summer and autumn evenings.

Fire pits add ambience to a cool evening and welcome warmth on a chilly night.

Would you like to make your garden a stress-free zone?

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