How many times have you purchased an item of furniture that you thought was going to be ideal for a particular spot, only to find it doesn’t look quite as good as you’d hoped it would?


If you want to create plenty of storage space but are having difficulty in trying to make the best use of a room – then a bespoke storage solution could be the answer. Bespoke furniture made from high-quality wood not only looks beautiful, it’s guaranteed to be the perfect fit.

Practical bedroom storage

A quick and easy place to store things is under the bed, and a wooden under bed tray that can be pulled out on castors makes it easy to retrieve items. Ideal for children’s rooms, under bed trays look great and will help your kids to keep their rooms tidy.

Alternatively, building a raised bed platform that has cupboards or drawers underneath it is also an excellent way to maximise space. And children love climbing up a ladder to go to bed. Raised beds can be designed in all sorts of shapes and sizes from pirate ships to fairy castles.

To house clothes and toys, bespoke solutions such as custom-fit wardrobes or made-to-measure drawers and cabinets allow you to use every corner of a room effectively and conceal mess quickly.

Household bespoke storage solutions

Storage can be a challenge throughout the house – whether it’s finding somewhere to store magazines and books or creating a suitable hiding place for the vacuum cleaner.

Rustic wooden coffee and dining tables offer opportunities to create extra, hidden drawer space and provide ideal places to keep cutlery or place mats.

Built-in cabinets and bookcases ensure you make good use of every inch of a room as they can be constructed to any height, width, shape or angle. This means you maximise both horizontal and vertical space.

Bespoke garden storage solutions

From unique garden sheds and workshops to playhouses and dens, bespoke wooden structures can be built to suit your personal needs and your garden’s environment.

Children’s playhouses are great fun, and they offer you a convenient place to store outdoor toys when not in use. Perhaps your children would like a dolls house or a secret den to play in outside?

And for grown-ups, sheds and dens can be built to suit your recreational activities such as gyms, computer rooms or craft workshops.

Outdoor seating gives you an ideal opportunity to generate some hidden built-in garden storage. Benches can be constructed to fit perfectly on your patio or in a corner of the garden. Cover the top panel with cushions, and you’ll never know that just under the lid is a handy space to keep outdoor textiles or games.

Don’t compromise with pre-designed furniture

How often are awkward corners or unusually shaped spaces left empty because you can’t find a pre-designed product to fit?

At HGS Home & Garden we build innovative solutions that help you make the best use of the space you have. We can work with you on the design, finish, fixtures and fittings so that it is truly tailor-made for you.

Bespoke furniture is designed to suit you and your home - and by using high-quality wood, you can guarantee it will last for years and still look fantastic.

Looking for a creative home or garden storage solution?

HGS Home & Garden creates a diverse range of structures and furniture to suit particular environments and personal requirements.

If you’re looking for a product that is unique in design, then we can help. To discuss your bespoke creation, call Peter on 07749 863650 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.