There are many different ways you can make your garden unique to you – from bespoke garden ornaments and accessories to built-in storage solutions.

Or you could take it a step further and introduce larger eye-catching features such as a tree house, pergola or even a wood-burning pizza oven.


garden-pizza-oven-berkshire-1Outdoor pizza ovens

Ever since Jamie Oliver used one in his TV series, wood burning pizza ovens have become a hot garden feature. “I think it's got fashionable because it's outside, it's sociable, food tastes better in it,” said Oliver.

For food-lovers, these versatile ovens are the latest must-have cooking accessory. A traditional wood-burning pizza oven is made out of clay and concrete bricks, so that it can withstand high levels of heat.

A fire is lit inside and gases from the wood and smoke can escape through the chimney and open door. When the fire is lit, the interior of the oven retains the heat and gets extremely hot and then the fire is allowed to die down. A wood-burning oven can take around an hour to an hour and a half to heat up.

The beauty of it is that no cleaning is required after cooking as the grease left in the oven simply burns off in the heat.

treehouse-hgs-home-and-garden-berkshireTree and play houses

Tree houses are great fun for children of all ages. And each one is unique as they are built to fit in or around the trees in your garden, so they can be as large or small as space will allow. And a tree house doesn’t have to be just for kids. Grownups can enjoy hiding away in a relaxing tree-top retreat with a glass of wine.

Play houses are ideal for younger children as they are safer on the ground. Your play house could take the shape of a secret den, dolls house or castle with a tower – whatever will stimulate the imagination of your little ones. Perhaps they long for a fairy kingdom or a tall ship with a mast?

Play houses give children the incentive to play outside, but in a safe environment. They can also be used to store outdoor games when not in use.

garden-shelter-gazebo-berkshire-1Practical pergolas and romantic arbors

A pergola can be pretty much anything you want it to be – providing shade for a seating area or forming a walkway with vertical posts to cover a pathway. The structure of a pergola is perfect for training climbing plants such as clematis, honeysuckle or jasmine to add height and visual appeal your garden.

If you like spending time outside, a covered pergola is perfect for you as it gives you shelter on wet days so you can enjoy your garden all year-round.

To add a romantic touch, an arbor can be built over a love seat or bench or as a freestanding archway in your garden. Arbors look absolutely beautiful covered in climbing roses or wisteria.



garden-storage-hgs-home-and-garden-1Built-in storage

On a more practical note, introducing new features into your garden often gives you the opportunity to slip in some hidden built-in storage solutions.

For example, benches and tables can be constructed to allow for storage underneath them while pretty summer houses can be used to store garden furniture, outdoor games and parasols.

Looking for something different for your garden?

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