Pizza Ovens are very on-trend but they are far from being a new alternative to our popular garden BBQ. They actually date back as far as ancient Egyptian times. By the Medieval times, the ovens had become huge, large enough to bake for entire communities.

pizza-ovenIf you think a pizza oven can only cook pizzas, you will be pleasantly surprised! A pizza oven is really versatile and can cook many different foods. It reaches a very high temperature (about 400°C) which is perfect for cooking pizzas, meat kebabs and roasting vegetables, but it is also excellent for slow-roasting joints using residual heat once the embers are swept and the oven is cooling. A slow-roasted joint cooked in a cooling wood-fired pizza oven is a real treat! You can even use it to cook cakes and pastries!

What’s the best position for a pizza oven?

You can’t move a pizza oven around so you need to carefully consider where to position it. It is advisable to choose a location that is flat, preferably on a paved area. Allow plenty of space around it and keep it away from children’s play areas.

Bespoke Design

There are many different shapes, sizes and models of pizza oven on the market and you can of course buy a wood-fired pizza oven off the shelf, but having one built to your exact specification will make it a unique feature that is sure to wow your guests.

For a quotation on a custom-built pizza oven for your garden, please contact Peter at HGS Home and Garden or visit for more information on the bespoke garden accessories HGS can create.