Wood burner stoves are often seen as traditional, even old-fashioned. Yet over the years, advances in technologies have meant that they’re now more efficient in terms of heat output and also safer and easier to use than ever before.

And with a vast array of designs to choose from, they’ve also become more visually appealing.

A more efficient heat source

Wood burning stoves can distribute heat faster than other sources such as open fireplaces, which can be slow to heat up as they draw in oxygen - and much of that warm air is lost up the chimney.

With a wood burner stove, less fuel is wasted and more heat is distributed into a room making it cost-efficient. It also continues to produce heat hours after it’s been extinguished. Plus, using a wood burning stove is more economical than turning on the central heating in the whole house when you’re only using one room.

Cheap and renewable fuel

With the rising cost of gas and electricity, wood is a cheaper alternative - and it’s also a renewable fuel source. However, you should check that you’re burning the right type of wood for your burner and make sure that it’s from a reputable source.

Nowadays, there are varieties of wood available that are purified and contain little moisture content. As a result of this, the emissions they produce are not harmful to the environment. And when a tree is cut down to make firewood, at least one other tree is grown to replace it.

You don’t need a chimney

Even if you don’t have a chimney, you can still install a wood burner stove as long as you also install a flue pipe system.

A flue is a substitute for a chimney, and it can pass through an outdoor wall and continue up the outside of your property. Or you can run your flue up inside the house and then out through the roof.

As long as you ensure you have adequate ventilation, you can choose either option.

Burners are now easier to maintain

Your wood burning stove will come with a set of instructions on general maintenance, and usually these are fairly straightforward.

It’s quite simple to care for your stove – typically all it needs is for the chimney or flue to be cleaned once or twice a year to clear dirt and blockages. As long as you use the correct type of wood for your stove, and regularly clean the ash from the pan, there’s very little else to do.

Contemporary wood burners create a stylish feature

Today’s wood burning stoves are available in a vast range of sizes and styles. It’s easy to find one that will fit in with the décor of any room.

And with curved and cylindrical models now available, you can even find one to fit into an awkward space or odd dimension. They can be raised to your preferred height or mounted directly on a wall.

A wood burning stove can become the focal point of your design, radiating a warmth that makes any room feel cosier and more comfortable.

Use a HETAS registered stove installer

HETAS is the official Government recognised body for solid fuel, wood and biomass heating systems, fuels and services. A HETAS registered stove installer has the experience of installing different types of stoves and will be able to make recommendations on every aspect of your wood burning stove including ventilation and other health and safety issues.

If you’re considering installing a wood burner or multi-fuel stove and would like advice from a HETAS registered engineer, contact Peter on 07749 863650.