If you install a wood burner stove or any biomass, wood or solid fuel appliance without using a HETAS Registered Installer then you could be invalidating any insurance claim that may have to be made if something goes wrong following the installation.

A HETAS Registered Installer self-certifies that their work complies with the relevant building regulations and the customer will be issued with a Certificate of Compliance following installation. The information on the certificate is used to record the installation and in England and Wales it is used to notify your Local Authority Building Control Department of the work that was undertaken.

What is HETAS?

HETAS Installer in BerkshireHETAS promotes the safe and effective installation, use and maintenance of solid fuel appliances such as wood burner stoves, heating systems, chimneys and flues.

As leaders in the education and training of installers, combined with the organisation’s strong influence over legislation, regulations and policies you can feel reassured that a HETAS Registered Installer has undergone thorough practical and theoretical training and assessment and has demonstrated that they have achieved the required level of expertise in order to receive this accreditation.

HETAS provide a lot of advice on their website covering a range of topics, and we have provided some documents here for quick download:

Peter Capaldi at HGS Home and Garden is a Registered HETAS Installer. For further information or for a quote on a woodburner stove installation, please call Peter on 07749 863650 or visit www.hgs-homeandgarden.co.uk.