A luxurious soak in a hot tub doesn’t have to be something you just do in a spa or on holiday.

Nowadays, it’s easy to install a hot tub in your own home or garden. But the first question most people ask is – where should I put it? To help you decide on the best location for your hot tub, I’ve put together the following tips and advice.

The sun has finally made an appearance, and you can’t wait to get outdoors. It’s time to pull off the covers and get your hot tub ready for action.


Some people cover up their hot tub in winter to protect it from the elements while others continue to use their tub all year round.

Whichever option you choose, here are some tips for keeping your hot tub in tip-top condition over the colder months.


Here are just a few of the questions we get asked regularly when it comes to using hot tubs.

Do hot tubs help acne?

The steam from a hot tub can help to cleanse pores while the sloughing of dead skin cells and other epidermal impurities will promote healthy, glowing skin.
However, it’s important to make sure your skin doesn’t dry out by prolonged exposure to hot water. You should drink plenty of fluids to keep your skin hydrated when you spend any time in the hot tub.