Have you often toyed with the idea of buying a hot tub, but then talked yourself out of it as you’re unsure about certain aspects of actually owning a tub?

There are many things to consider before you commit to purchasing – which is why many of our customers choose to hire a hot tub first.

hgs garden hot tubsWhere will you put your hot tub?

Before you think about buying your own personal hot tub, you need to figure out where you’re going to put it – outside in the garden or undercover?

By hiring a hot tub first, you can see how much space it takes up and how convenient it is to use in your chosen location. The tub must be positioned in an area that’s strong enough to hold the combined weight of the hot tub with people and water in it.

How much it weighs will depend on the size of the hot tub you choose – and this depends on how many people you intend to fit in yours.

How will you use your hot tub?

By hiring a hot tub, you can see how you get on with that particular size. For instance, you may think that an entry-level model suitable for a couple will be perfect. But then you find the rest of the family want to take advantage of it and you end up wishing you’d bought an 8-person tub.

Hiring a hot tub gives you the opportunity to experience how you’re actually going to use it. Will you be hosting parties and inviting people around to take a dip? Or will it just be used for relaxing with the family?

Once you figure this out, you can decide on the right size hot tub for your lifestyle.

Do you know how much it will cost to run?

Fortunately, modern hot tubs don’t take up much energy, and their foam insulation reduces the amount of heat that escapes.

By hiring a tub, you can see just how much power it uses. Generally, your hot tub provider will be able to give you a good idea of the overall efficiency of each model as well as ongoing running costs.

Of course, the costs will vary depending on how frequently you use the hot tub and whether you go for accessories such as strong jets.

Why not hire a hot tub?

Have you enjoyed relaxing in a hot tub at a holiday resort or in a spa and thought how nice it would be to have one at home?

Now you can enjoy your personal hot tub in the privacy of your own home – without the expense of buying one. Hiring is a great way to discover how practical and enjoyable it is to have your own hot tub.

At HGS, we offer quality hot tubs for hire over a weekend or for a whole week from only £220.00 for a weekend hire. Our hire hot tubs can take up to 5 people at any one time. We can also hire a gazebo shelter as well as party theme accessories if you’re planning a fun and memorable event.

We pride ourselves on providing quality hot tubs both for hire and purchase and favour genuine hand-crafted American-built hot tubs. American-built hot tub spas are renowned for their exceptional quality and low maintenance costs.

Our aim is to make your hot tub experience an enjoyable one, and we’re happy to offer any advice on the hire or purchase of a hot tub - just contact Peter on 07749 863650 or visit www.hgs-hottubs.co.uk for further information.