The sun has finally made an appearance, and you can’t wait to get outdoors. It’s time to pull off the covers and get your hot tub ready for action.


hire a hottubGive your hot tub a clean

If you haven’t used your hot tub over the winter, it has probably been drained and kept covered.

Now you can dust off the cover and give the tub a good clean. Hopefully, the cover will have done its job, and there shouldn’t be any build-up of debris or grime. Occasionally, mould or mildew can appear, but this is easily wiped off with the right cleaning fluid.

Your hot tubs filters should also be inspected to see if they need clearing. Once your tub is clean, refill the water using a pre-filter. This filters out metals or sediment in the water and helps balance your water chemistry. Once your tub is filled, balance the chemicals with a water test kit.

Clean your hot tub cover

If the weather is good, you should also take the opportunity to clean your hot tub cover. First, remove it and then give it a spray with the garden hose to remove loose dirt and debris. Then use a mild soap solution such as a small amount of washing-up liquid with plenty of water or baking soda and clean the cover with a large sponge.

Finally, rinse with the garden hose and leave it to dry.

Test your hot tub

Now everything is clean, it’s time to make sure your jets and pump are working properly and that your heater is functioning correctly. It’s usually easy to get spares if anything malfunctions such as your hot tub losing power or water not heating up as it should.

In warm humid weather, mould can grow in the moist pipes of your hot tub. Don’t be alarmed if black or green slime comes out of the pipes, or when you first turn on the jets, after a period of not using the tub. This is easily flushed out after the first test.

As you test your tub, you may decide it’s time to add a few new accessories such as handrails or audio or light features to make the experience even more relaxing.

General hot tub maintenance

Fortunately, spas don’t require much maintenance. However, like swimming pools, adding a sanitiser to the water will prevent bacteria from growing.

Most tubs have in-built cleaning systems that filter dirty water and keep bacteria at bay. All our hot tubs are fitted with Corona Discharge ozone and Frog Spa sanitation as standard so that maintenance is made easy.

HGS hot tub care and maintenance

To ensure your tub remains in the best condition and is available for use at any time, we advise you to have it regularly serviced.

We offer a care and maintenance service, so you can be assured your hot tub stays in tip-top condition with regular cleaning, chemical and component checks and any replacements made when necessary.

Hot tub cleaning products

We stock a range of cleaning products and spare parts, which we can supply at a competitive price.

Would you like advice on on buying or hiring a hot tub?

At HGS, we favour genuine hand-crafted American-built hot tubs. American-built hot tub spas are renowned for their exceptional quality and low maintenance costs. Combine this with our expert installation and service, and you have the reassurance that the hot tub you choose is the right one for you.

Our products are backed by our comprehensive full warranty to give you peace of mind.

10-year shell structure
5-year shell surface
2-year equipment and plumbing

If you’d like advice on any aspect of buying a hot tub, contact Peter on 07749 863650.