Some people cover up their hot tub in winter to protect it from the elements while others continue to use their tub all year round.

Whichever option you choose, here are some tips for keeping your hot tub in tip-top condition over the colder months.



hire a hottubEnjoy your hot tub in winter

There’s no reason why you can’t use your tub in winter. In fact, it’s great to sink into the warm water and watch the steam rise when it’s so chilly outside. Your winter aches and pains will melt away as a long soak loosens your muscles and eases the stiffness that cold weather can bring.

If you do plan to use your hot tub this winter, you should make sure that water doesn’t freeze in the pipes. Your hot tub may have a freeze protection system or an auto heat control.

Auto heat will maintain an even water temperature and is cheaper than letting your tub cool down and then heat up again. Check your manual for your setting options.

Check your hot tub’s water level

You should check your tub’s water level regularly, especially if you’re not using it every day. If the water is too low, the pumps and heater may stop working, and this could allow the water to freeze.

Air jets should be turned off when the hot tub is not being used – if they’re left running, they’ll inject cold air into the water and increase the energy you use to keep the tub’s temperature up.

Drain and cover tub when not in use

If you’re not planning to use your hot tub this winter, then it’s a good idea to drain it and keep it covered.

A good quality cover will keep out any debris and protect your tub from the elements. Begin by cleaning your tub with a sanitiser and then draining it. Once the tub is empty, you can put the cover on and safely leave it until spring.

Build a shelter for your hot tub

There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to shelter your hot tub. You not only protect it from the outside elements, you’ll also give yourself more privacy when bathing.

And if you’re planning to incorporate media into your hot tub set up, it helps if it’s covered up. Wireless and integrated audio systems should be protected in winter as much as possible.

Peter, owner of HGS, can build custom pagodas or erect screening for hot tubs, as well as fitting decking and other timber work needed to house your tub. He can design a unique spa environment based on your individual requirements.

At HGS, we favour genuine hand-crafted American-built hot tubs, renowned for their exceptional quality and low maintenance costs. We combine this with expert installation and service to ensure you have the hot tub and spa setting that’s right for you.

If you’d like further advice on any aspect of buying a hot tub, then contact Peter on 07749 863650.