Many of us have enjoyed the health and relaxation benefits of a hot tub on visits to a spa or holiday resort. If you are considering buying a hot tub so you can enjoy the spa experience ‘on tap’ you just need to discover how to transport the restorative properties of hot water hydrotherapy into your own home or garden.

To ensure the success of the project, there are a number of things you should consider before investing in your personal hot tub.


Choose your location

First, where do you intend to position your hot tub? The garden is generally the most straightforward choice as it offers available space. Alternatively, you could decide to house it undercover in a purpose-built structure.

The site you choose must be strong enough to withstand significant weight, particularly if you plan to purchase a large hot tub. You need to ensure your surface can hold the combined weight of the hot tub with people and water inside it.

The best way to plan where to place your hot tub is to outline the dimensions of the tub with string or chalk, so that you can visualise it in position. You should also take into account the proximity of the nearest power outlet.

What size hot tub is suitable for you?

Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes, and the one you choose will be dependent on the space you have available and your planned usage.

How many people do you intend to have in your hot tub at the same time? If you envisage your hot tub becoming an entertainment feature at parties, you may need more seats than your average family size tub will offer. Or you may prefer an entry level model that’s suitable for small families and couples.

Another thing to factor in is legroom and depth. Do you want to be able to sink down into the water – and will taller people be able to stretch out while bathing?

General hot tub maintenance

Hot tubs don’t need much maintenance, but like any pool, you’ll need to add sanitisers to the water to prevent bacteria from growing. Plus, water should be drained every three months. Most hot tubs have in-built cleaning systems that will filter dirty water and keep bacteria at bay.

All the hot tubs in our range are fitted with Corona Discharge ozone and Frog Spa sanitation as standard. As well as sanitation, you should also ensure your hot tub is covered when not in use to stop debris from entering the water. Most tubs will have solid, insulated covers that fasten at the sides.

Power and running costs

Modern hot tubs don’t require too much energy and foam insulation can help reduce heat loss.

When looking at hot tubs, review water volume output as well as power. Strong jets could increase your use of electricity and water. Generally, it’s a good idea to speak to your hot tub provider to find out the overall efficiency and ongoing running costs of each model.


At HGS Hot Tubs, we favour genuine hand-crafted American-built hot tubs. American-built hot tub spas are renowned for their exceptional quality and low maintenance costs.

Combine this with our expert installation service, and you have the reassurance that the hot tub you choose is going to be a good investment and the right one for you.

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