Whether hiring a hot tub just for a weekend, or purchasing one, you will need to ensure that your hot tub is well maintained and that the spa water is safe and clear.

Warm water harbours bacteria, which is why it is so important to maintain the correct PH level of your spa water. Hot tub water is heated to 102 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas a swimming pool is typically set to about 82 degrees, presenting a much lower risk to the growth of bacteria.

When hiring an HGS hot tub you will be given information on how to monitor and correct any chemical imbalances that will naturally occur in the spa water over time and during use.

swimming-pool-ph-test-stripsPH Test Sticks measure alkalinity and acidity and these are provided to enable easy testing of the spa water before and after use.
Bromine tablets are sanitisers which help to keep the water clean. One tablet is placed into a dispenser unit which floats in the water during use. A single tablet will treat the water in a hot tub for a week long hire if used daily. If you are using the hot tub for a longer period, the bromine tablet will need to be replaced.

How to test the water

Dip the test strip into the water for about 30 seconds and then lay it on a flat surface. Match the colour on the strip to the colour chart to find the estimated PH level of the water.

When to check the water PH levels

Always test the water with a PH Test Strip before use and before starting the pumps to accurately measure PH and chlorine levels. Once the hot tub has been used check the PH level again after 20 minutes and with the jets turned off.

What should the PH Level be?

PH measures how acidic or alkaline your spa water is and you need to maintain a consistent PH level of 7.2 to 7.6, preferably nearer the lower end of the scale for safe use.

What happens if the water has a high PH reading?

The acidity of spa water will increase as people use the hot tub more frequently. Sweat, sun creams and urine will all increase PH levels. Users may complain of itchy eyes and skin. The water may also become cloudy, but high PH isn’t always easy to spot, so it is best to check with a test stick periodically rather than waiting until the water becomes murky. High PH can also affect the equipment and over time will increase scale and shorten filter runs.

What happens if the water has a low PH reading?

As we use bromine tablets in the water and during use the jets help keep the water aerated, hot tub water doesn’t often present a low reading as the jets help to raise alkalinity by reducing carbon dioxide out of the water. However, should the bromine tablet be removed from the water then this could reduce the PH

bromine-pack-hot-tubsHow do I correct the PH levels?

HGS provide bottles of chemicals PH - and PH + which will reduce or increase the PH to the required level. These are pre-mixed chemicals making it a simple ‘measure and apply’ process. Check the water again after a few minutes with a test stick. If PH is still not to the required level, add more neutralising chemicals until you achieve the correct PH balance.

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