Technological advances in hot tub design means that hot tubs are more energy-efficient than ever before. The HGS Hot Tub range offer clever energy saving features such as ReflectoThermTM Insulation which helps the water to retain heat for longer, so using less electricity.

hgs-garden-hot-tubsAn average family sized hot tub will cost about £2-3 per day to run based on using it for half an hour each day, keeping it heated all year round and assuming the hot tub is purchased from a reputable manufacturer who offers hot tubs with good insulation properties.

Buying a quality, well-insulated hot tub will save you money in the long term, but there are other factors which will also affect the running costs of a hot tub including:

  • Size of the Hot Tub – A small tub designed for 4 people will cost less to run than an 8 person tub because it holds less water.
  • Water Temperature during use – Typically the water temperature is between 36°C to 40°C. If you prefer it on the higher end of the scale, this will increase your running costs.
  • Ambient Water Temperature - It will cost more to heat your tub on a cold winter day than it will to heat it in summer. If the ambient air temperature is lower, it will cost more to heat the hot tub.
  • Usage – when you use the hot tub the pumps will be running to aerate the water and aerated water loses heat faster than flat, calm water.
  • Location – If your hot tub is situated outdoors, it will be more expensive to run because indoor tubs have a higher all round ambient air temperature.
  • Quality of Cover – The HGS Hot tubs are sold with quality, insulated covers to retain heat and this will provide additional cost savings as it will help to retain heat whilst the hot tub is not in use.
  • Chemicals – water treatment chemicals are vital to keep the water clean and clear. It is advised to budget for £300.00 per year for water treatment chemicals, but this will vary dependant upon usage and the amount of water your hot tub holds.
  • Filters – All hot tubs require filters, some need more than others. These ideally need to be replaced every 4-6 months and will cost about £50.00 each.

A realistic budget figure for the total cost of running a hot tub, including ongoing maintenance is £80-£100 per month.

There are additional ways to help reduce energy costs associated with running a hot tub, including monitoring water usage and installing sustainable heat technologies.

Fitting a water meter will help you to monitor the water usage and keep a record of the cost of refilling the tub. The tub will need to be completely drained and cleaned periodically. The water change ideally needs to be done monthly, but if not used very often, then quarterly at the most.

Solar PV is an eco-friendly alternative which can reduce energy bills as well as reducing CO2 emissions.

Installing Solar PV panels to a south facing surface such as a roof or metal frames in the ground will generate electricity from the sun’s rays by converting light energy to electric energy. You don’t use the electricity generated, it goes back to the National Grid and the government pay the owner a ‘Feed Tariff’ which is often significantly higher per unit than the cost of buying electricity in. this means you could completely offset the carbon produced from your hot tub usage, including the running costs.

Below are some BISHTA Guidance Documents which provide further information on maintaining and running a hot tub.

Running Costs for Hot Tubs
Tips on Saving Water

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