Look after your hot tub and it will look after you!

Many people choose to purchase a hot tub just for the fun, social appeal but buying a hot tub is also an all-year-round health investment. Not only do the powerful jets and steaming water create a wonderful ambience of peace and tranquillity, but frequent hot tub sessions can also help with sports injury rehabilitation and body detoxification. Hydrotherapy benefits also include stress relief and improvements to the blood circulation, relieving muscular aches and tension, and providing a natural pain relief.

We advise regular hydrotherapy sessions if you want to gain maximum health benefits, but your hot tub will need some TLC too to keep it in tip top condition!

Using a hot tub during the colder, winter months may not appeal to some, but it can provide a great deal of warmth and comfort, but rather than draining your tub and leaving it empty all winter, drain it and re-fill it and continue to enjoy the benefits it can bring!

Here are some top winter Hot Tub Maintenance tips:

  • Drain and refill your hot tub before the cold weather arrives
  • Check the cover to ensure there are no holes or tears that will allow heat to escape
  • Check all seals are tight and intact
  • If possible, erect a shelter for your hot tub to protect it from weather extremes
  • Check the temperature if the weather gets cold – you may need to turn up the heat by a few degrees
  • Turn on the freeze protection systems
  • Periodically run the jets to circulate the water

Enjoy your hot tub this winter!

If you are interested in purchasing or hiring a hot tub, please contact Peter at HGS Hot Tubs on 01344 774548 or visit www.hgs-hottubs.co.uk