Have you often toyed with the idea of buying a hot tub, but then talked yourself out of it as you’re unsure about certain aspects of actually owning a tub?

There are many things to consider before you commit to purchasing – which is why many of our customers choose to hire a hot tub first.

Approximately 200,000 log burners are installed in this country each year with sales increasing by as much as 40% per year. One of the attractions of owning a wood burning stove is that it offers a low-carbon way to heat your home when compared to using fossil fuels.

Let’s take a look at how eco-friendly wood burner stoves are.


Both multi-fuel and woodburning stoves are popular choices. A survey of stove owners by consumer association, Which, revealed:

  • 59% have a wood-burning stove
  • 41% have a multi-fuel stove

If you’re planning to buy a stove, it helps to understand the difference between the two appliances so you can make the right choice.

Are you fed up with cold weather and grey skies? It’s not the most exciting time of the year, and many of us are feeling the winter blues.

No wonder we’re all gazing at holiday brochures and wondering if we can afford to get away from it all. But there’s a way you can bring relaxation and warmth into your own home on a permanent basis.

Why not have a hot tub installed in your home or garden? It can be used all year round to bring some luxurious pampering into your life.